"Delivering Excellence to your business and your people"

Step One 

Colin will come along and conduct a discovery session to fully determine the required outcomes of the work required together with better understanding the culture, structure, vision, style and complete objectives of the process in the short, medium and long term.


Step Two

Once the full scope of the project is understood, we will produce a draft proposal document explaining the link between the objectives and the course outline together with initial costings, timings and other relevant information required by the client.

So, how does it work?

Colin Lovering - Founder of Achieve International & Chairman of The BRCC 


 "When building a tailored solution for our clients, I simply focus on the five key               'P' elements for a successful business"

   PEOPLE - Ensure your people have the skills to perform & be motivated/committed

   PROCESS - Create better processes to maximise efficiency in all areas.

   PERFORMANCE - Focus on achieving & maintaining maximum performance 

   PRIDE - Developing a pride and cultural/ethical standard that is sustainable.

   PROFIT - Improved processes, people & performance always delivers better profitability

Colin and his team have worked with many international and local organisations including:

Having lived and worked in the USA, France, UK and now Romania,, Colin has trained and developed literally 100's of sales and business professionals throughout The USA, Canada, China, South Africa, France, Spain, Scandinavia, Benelux, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, UK & Ireland.

His refreshingly unique style and very memorable learning experience has truly impacted many professionals and organisations from multi-nationals to private enterprises both large and small.

Colin Lovering has well over 30 years experience in International Sales, Marketing and Operations Management with two international awards for sales performance.

Colin is Chairman of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, A Senior Tutor with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and an Associate Lecturer with the University of Bucharest. He is also the Performance Coach for Corporate Office Solutions.

Our Very Valued Clients

Step Three

Once the final draft has been approved by the client and the dates set, the communication is sent out to all participants with any pre-work ready for a successful and enjoyable course.


The Follow-Up

After a determined period, we would return for a progress session with the team to ensure that the learning and continuity of the programme have been absorbed and are being practiced.

  • Petrom
  • Baker Tilly
  • HP
  • Groupama
  • ​Garanti Bank
  • ​Heidi Chocolates
  • BMW - Auto Bavaria
  • BCR (Erste Group)
  • ​Sealed Air Corporation
  • ​World Class Romania
  • ​Embassy of Canada
  • ​Embassy of Finland
  • Antalis
  • CBRE
  • ​PwC
  • Van Gogh Restaurant​
  • ​Pirelli
  • Dacia
  • ​Corporate Office Solutions (COS)
  • ​Taxhouse
  • ​Gras Savoye
  • Happy Tour Group
  • ​Provident
  • EuroLife